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In My Pantry

  • Mary’s Gone Crackers – I am obsessed with these. These crackers are gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic, but more importantly, they’re super tasty. I love them with hummus, but I’ve eaten almost the entire package in one sitting. No weird ingredients, all vegan, nut-free, and no added fats.
  • Amy’s Chili… or really any of the soups – Amy’s is a vegetarian brand, but a ton of her products are vegan, including this chili. I love roasting up a bunch of sweet potatoes and topping it this chili. I know, it sounds weird, but it totally isn’t. It’s also great over regular old white potatoes, so if you’re not super keen on it, try that first.
  • Chimes Ginger Chews – I initially found these at TJMaxx in the ginger and mango flavor, and decided to try them out as something just fun to try, but found they were great to keep away colds. Ginger has historically been used as to calm your stomach, reduce muscle pain and soreness, as an anti-inflammatory, to reduce pain during that time of the month, and to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so I figured it would be interesting to try these out.
  • Red lentils — We love adding lentils to help bulk up soups, chili, and pasta sauce, especially when putting it over spaghetti squash… gotta get in that protein! 😉 Bob’s Red Mill is, by far, our favorite brand for most dry goods, so I’ve linked it here.
  • Sushi rice — This is amazing with stir fries and over blended soups, such as broccoli “cheddar” soup. Also, if you make sushi, you know you’ll have this on hand for that, too! Nutritionally speaking, brown rice is slightly more nutritious, but not enormously more than white and, well, we like this.
  • Nutritional yeast — If you’re looking to make mac and “cheese” or any sort of creamy sauce, you’re going to want this. Added bonus: Bob’s Red Mill’s brand is enriched with vitamin B12, which is essential for memory and proper brain function (and can be hard for vegans to get naturally)!
  • Chickpea flour — Perfect for omelets but also baked goods and as a binder in place of eggs. We just started using this a couple of months ago, but we’ve already run through a couple of bags of it.
  • Coconut sugar — Coconut sugar is lower in the glycemic index/on the glycemic scale than regular sugar, which means it won’t raise your blood sugar too much but still adds tons of sweetness to any raw or baked goods. You can also use it in place of brown sugar in recipes, which makes it easier to keep just one kind of sugar on hand.


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