Hi there, and welcome to cookie cutter vegan. My name is Krista, and I live in northeastern North Carolina. I love everything hiking, running, and eating a healthy, plant-based diet. I spend a lot of time outdoors to get in some sunshine, but can often be found perusing Netflix for the latest documentary.

I’m joined in all of this by my wonderful boyfriend, Dave. He’s my #1 guinea pig for recipes and the best (travel) companion I could have asked for.


So what’s on this blog anyway?

pig pickin'

First, food… and a lot of it. I love cooking– to get to the finish line (er, plate). In my adventures, I try to go outside the box of what “vegan food” is supposed to be. I’ve come across a lot of weird baked goods in my time. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want something to “taste vegan.” I just want it to be good!

Because of this, I’ve chosen share my trials and errors but also successes in veganizing recipes. It’s never a 1:1 ratio when making a recipe vegan-friendly, so follow along to get the goods!


But it’s not only recipes: living a plant-based lifestyle can be tricky. Whether we’re trying a new restaurant or discussing the latest in vegan news (look out for our Wednesday news round-ups!), there’s always something new to discover… like these buffalo tofu wings from Bean Vegan on our trip to Charlotte!

More than anything, it’s all about living a healthy lifestyle, with everything (within reason) in moderation. This includes hiking, running, long walks, and any opportunity we get to go swimming. We live about an hour from the Outer Banks, but it’s more difficult to get a spot on the beach than you’d think!

cookie cutter vegan

But because we kind of live in the middle of nowhere, we also do a lot of traveling.

Sometimes it’s to go hiking or visit people, and sometimes it’s just for s+g’s. However, traveling to hike is probably my favorite.

Looking for more? Click the link in the menu at the top of the page (“blog”) for more posts, and welcome to cookie cutter vegan. We’re glad to have you here!

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