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How to {Successfully} Cut a Pineapple

Before Dave and I started cooking together, I had never bought a whole pineapple. Then again, I didn’t eat a lot of pineapple– because really, what occasion would I have to eat it? I wasn’t about to buy an overpriced tub of unripe pieces. What a waste! And I didn’t even know how to cut a pineapple. What about all of those “eyes” on it– how would I remove them without wasting a ton of fruit? Google to the rescue!


Since then, I’ve learned one foolproof method of cutting a pineapple and successfully removing all of the eyes. I know, I know: maybe this is super simple. Maybe you’re a fruit-paring master, and I’m just a young Jedi over here. But if you haven’t yet successfully cut one without coming out of it with some weird fruity mush, or you’re picking the eyes out of the pieces you’ve cut, stay with me.

First, you’ll need a pineapple that’s turning yellow. Smell your fruit; it should smell noticeably sweet. If it doesn’t yet, wait a couple of days for it to ripen.. and then it’s go time! You may find that it’s easier to use a bread knife than a regular sharp knife to saw away at the outside, but do what works for you.

Check out here how I successfully and easily cut one, via my Instagram story the other day:


Questions for you:

What’s your favorite way to easily cut pineapple?

What’s your favorite fruit right now? Mine’s probably mango, though fresh and reasonably priced ones are few and far between at the moment!

What do you think of tutorials? I’ve been thinking of doing a few more back-to-basics tutorials on the blog, but let me know what you’d like to see!!

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