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How I Stay Healthy (On A Vegan Diet) Over The Holidays!

Hey there! It seems like it’s been forever… and honestly, it kind of has been. How was your Thanksgiving?

"I see that you have pie. I, too, am a fan of pie."

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I love going up to visit my hometown and parents, but Dave even said that he likes how the air just smells so much cleaner and more crisp up there. I can’t say I missed the humidity of eastern North Carolina while visiting! 🙂


On Black Friday, we drove out to Stamford to check out the area. I worked in Stamford for a while after I graduated from college, so I like to go back to see what’s changed and all of the new places popping up! With a quick Google search, we found out that the Bareburger in Stamford actually carries the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger is a plant-based burger similar to the Beyond Burger, created to encourage people who eat meat to try a plant-based alternative. The makers of the Impossible Burger have actually said that the burger itself is intended for people who eat meat, not vegans, so it’s often served up with cheese on top. However, Bareburger does have vegan cheese and buns, so keep an eye out!



The texture of the burger, to me, was akin to that of tuna out of a can, though the burger itself was softer than regular ground beef.


The next day, we met up with a friend at a local smoothie and juice bar, Boostjuice, in Bethel, CT. Ordering smoothie bowls at Boostjuice reminded me of ordering sandwiches at Which Wich, where you fill out a form and they assemble it for you. I just wish I had all of the prepared produce they have on hand to really put my own bowls together!



Our friend, Ryan, and I both chose acai bowls, while Dave decided to get a mason jar-sized smoothie bowl with a base blend of bananas and avocado. Hey, when in Rome, right? That agave drizzle, though!


On Sunday, we decided to make our way out a day early, but threw together lunch to finish up our Gardein roast leftovers. I could seriously eat avocado every day, but never buy it– it takes a while to ripen then goes bad in the blink of an eye!


“Don’t leave!”


I’d decided to take the week after Thanksgiving off to get some much-needed deep cleaning done at my house and decompress between visits– we went to Dave’s parents’ house for his dad’s surprise birthday party the following/last weekend– so I spent last week taking a lot of walks, doing a lot of cleaning, and watching a lot of Amazon Prime. Have you seen “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” yet? It’s being advertised all over Instagram right now, but I burned through it in two days!


Now, we’re finally just getting back into the swing of things. I can’t believe this week is almost over! Last weekend, we got to see so much of Dave’s family for his dad’s surprise 60th. It was awesome to catch up with everyone! On our way, we picked up one of Dave’s grandmas for the party, and it was such a fun time. I don’t think I understood the value of getting to know your grandparents as much as I should have. With everything we talked about in the car, I wish I’d still had time to spend with my grandparents. There’s a lot to learn from people who have seen a lot more than we have yet!

In any case, we’re currently elbows deep in wedding planning and getting ready for the holidays. Next week, we have a vegan meetup and in a couple weeks, a cookie party!

Unfortunately, with all of the running around, we’re finding that it’s really easy to make unhealthier choices (*cough*TacoBell*cough*). However, it’s also been much easier to make the healthier choices, too… and we haven’t gotten sick yet! Here’s how we’re staying healthy as the weather gets colder and the holidays and food stack up:

  • Eat the rainbow. I know it sounds nuts, but it’s important to get as many colorful fruits and vegetables in as possible. This way, you’ll be able to get in as many nutrients as possible. Besides, the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less hungry you’ll be for unhealthy foods! Did you know that once you’re sick, vitamin C can’t really help you get better faster? Once the germs have taken hold, your immune system is on its own! It’s all about taking preventative measures by eating healthy foods, rather than waiting until you’re sick!

  • The holidays are often a time of overindulgence. Ready to snooze from overeating? Get up and get moving! Walk your dog, go for a run, do a Jillian Michaels video, just get moving! Not only will this burn calories, but you’ll get out of the house. And hey, sometimes in a busy house over Christmas, it’s nice to get out. 😉

  • If you have to go out to eat for some reason, find someplace that offers whole foods, like Chipotle or Panera. This way, you can see most of what you’re eating.

  • Load up on teas, specifically ginger tea. Don’t eat honey? Try agave, a plant-based alternative, to sweeten your tea. Hot tea will help to soothe any sore throat you may have developing. However, ginger itself– tea or otherwise– has been said to help increase blood circulation, reduce nausea, improve nutrient absorption, fight respiratory issues, and strengthen your immunity! I’m basically addicted to the mango-ginger Chimes Ginger Chews I found at TJMaxx, but regular ginger tea is amazing, too!
  • Get some sleep! The later you stay up, the less sleep you’re probably going to get. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body won’t have time to build up immunity and process everything, so you’ll be more likely to get sick.
  • Wash. Your. Hands. If you went to church, wash your hands– you probably shook hands with people at some point or some kid wiped his nose on the pew. If you went to the grocery store, you know a ton of other people are using the carts and not wiping them off. Wash. Your. Hands.

Questions for you:

How was your Thanksgiving?

What are some of your favorite ways to get ready for the holidays?

How do you stay healthy throughout all of the holiday parties and indulgent foods?

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