Vegan Stereotypes Are Weird. Here’s Why!

Veganism is a weird thing to a lot of people. They have their personal beliefs, and then they have stereotypes they buy into, because it’s “what people say.” Unfortunately, what people say about something doesn’t make it true. We don’t eat grass, we don’t smoke anything, and we do drink coffee– sorry. Tons of vegan stereotypes have emerged over the past few years, but the vast majority just aren’t true. Here are a few stereotypes we’ve heard floating around:


Vegans are pushy about their beliefs and what they choose to eat. Honestly, the only pushy people I’ve encountered as of yet have been people who eat meat. I’ve been told that chicken broth is vegetarian (no.), and been informed that I’ll die if I don’t eat meat. Sure, sometimes I’ll send articles to my mom, but I don’t tell people what they need to be doing. I show articles, I talk about recipes, I make good food, and I eat it, period.


We care too much about what other people around us are eating. Others’ bodies are not my body; I’m not in charge of them. I choose what I eat, and while I’d love for others to understand the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, of eating animal products on their health, or on the animals themselves, I’m not going to stop them from eating what they want or make them feel bad about it. That’s not my job.

We’re dirty hippies. Most people shower daily, and most people wear deodorant. And let me tell you: there are plenty of non-vegan people who don’t wear deodorant.

All we do is eat carrots, kale, and green juice. Yes, there are plenty of people who perpetuate the stereotype of the green juice drinking hippie who only eats all-organic kale, but there are all kinds of vegans! Some like salad, sure, but some like mashed potatoes, doughnuts, and cake. And really, that doesn’t matter. The point of veganism is to cause the least amount of harm to the animals, the planet, and each other.


Vegans can’t be strong. LOL, sure.

Vegans are skinny; there’s no such thing as an overweight vegan/vegans can’t eat (fill in the blank)! In case you didn’t know, there’s a ton of vegan junk food. Coconut milk ice cream is the best. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and Oreos are vegan. Almost anything can be made vegan, so I mean, good luck with that argument.


All vegans can be easily represented by PETA. Do your research, but, uh, most vegans don’t generally believe in many of the things they do…


Vegans have too many feelings. Approximately 9 billion land animals are slaughtered for food within the United States every year. As Gary Yourofsky explains in his speech at Georgia Tech below, there’s no such thing as humane slaughter. And I have too many feelings. 😉

All vegans talk about is being vegan. Now, this isn’t always fair. If you have a YouTube channel or a blog about veganism or a plant-based lifestyle, that’s the brand or theme of it. And sure, we like talking about food. However, it’s not all that Dave or I talk about; we just talk about food a lot because it’s delicious and we love cooking, baking, and trying new things together. Vegans are basically thrust into foodie-ism, and we love it. 😉


Questions for you:

What are some vegan stereotypes you’ve come across in your day to day life?

Who are some of your favorite vegan YouTubers? I’m always looking for new people to watch! 🙂

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