(Friday) News Round-Up: Stephen Colbert & Kale Bouquets

Happy Friday– or should I say, Fri-yay? This past week has been jam-packed with catching up on laundry, cleaning, and spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to activate a phone with Republic Wireless… but I digress. It’s time for the weekly vegan news round-up. Here are a few articles that have been floating around over the past week in the plant-based world:

  • An Australian study that claimed to compare unhealthy diets with plant-based diets never actually compared any kind of plant based diet. Even the top 10 percent of scorers ate animal products three to five times per day! However, that ten percent were still were shown to have somewhat less of a chance of coronary heart disease than those who ate junk food. Who knew?!
  • On his second date with a plant-based girl, a man brought a bouquet of fresh kale from his garden… and they say romance is dead. LOL!
  • Archaeologist Dr. Pía Spry-Marqués recently explained in an article why she went vegan after researching the history of pork. As the archaeologist states, “Even the tiniest step in one direction will make a difference.”
  • At this year’s Presidential Leadership Scholars program series, Bill Clinton explained his reasoning for going vegan: he wanted to be around to be a grandfather. And after a quadruple heart bypass, eating the same way just didn’t seem to cut it.
  • Know a vegan or vegetarian? Check out these seven questions Refinery29 writer Cole Kazdin wishes people would stop asking.
  • Brazil has launched a program that will serve millions of vegan school lunches to kids– 140,000 per week!
  • A new company is looking to place healthy vegan vending machines in various places across the US. (Sorry, no Twizzlers!) Marketing for the vending machines will emphasize the food being “plant-based,” rather than “vegan.”
  • The mayor of Jackson, Mississippi has pledged to go vegan for 30 days in response to a letter on promoting living healthier lifestyles. Jackson is currently rated as being one of the most obese and overweight cities in America.
  • After losing a bet to a friend, Stephen Colbert is taking a 17 day vegan challenge. Looks like he’ll be eating a lot of unfrosted Pop Tarts!
  • Healio Endocrine Today now reports that a vegan diet may be the right choice for managing type 2 diabetes. In any case, as the article states, “everyone can benefit from eating more plants.”
  • Canada’s new food guide now favors plant-based protein and has eliminated dairy as a food group. Looking to save the planet? Go plant-based!

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Questions for you:

Have you ever taken a vegan or food-related challenge?

If you had the opportunity, what kind of vending machines would you want to see out there? I was amazed when I saw a makeup one at the airport once!

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