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Budget-Friendly Veganism: Where To Find Coupons!

A lot of people don’t ‘go vegan’ because they think it’s too expensive or difficult with kids. Sure, you could go fully plant-based and avoid processed foods, but let’s be real. Eating a vegan diet with kids or a busy schedule on a budget isn’t always convenient. Kids can be picky, and the “hanger” is all too real. And frankly, with my 10 hour summer workdays here, I’m all about convenience.

Whether you’re looking to stock your fridge or freezer, here’s my list of where to find the best deals on vegan-friendly products to feed your busy family.

  1. Gardein. Visit their website and sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive the latest in news on upcoming products as well as coupons for being a loyal subscriber.
  2. Bragg. Whether it’s their fortified nutritional yeast or vital wheat gluten you’re after, signing up for their email list will help stock your panty on a budget that much easier.
  3. Beyond Meat. Download their coupon for $1 off any Beyond Meat retail product, good until June 30, 2017. Perfect for when Beyond Burgers are on sale at your local Whole Foods!
  4. Hillary’s Eat Well burgers can help make any backyard barbecue vegan-friendly. Hopster is offering two different coupons.
  5. Lightlife products can help make “pigs in a blanket”– without the pigs. Perfect for quick dinners!
  6. Sign up with Silk to receive special offers on nondairy milks, yogurt, and more.
  7. SoDelicious requests a quick sign-up to receive coupons for their products, but it’s totally worth it– if you haven’t tried their ice cream, you’ll need the coupons once you do!
  8. Kite Hill offers an initial $1 off coupon when you sign up for their newsletter, so I’m assuming you’ll receive special offers as you receive their subscription.
  9. Yves Veggie Cuisine gives out coupons on Facebook, as long as you follow them!
  10. Louisville Vegan Jerky offers occasional coupons, promo codes, and flash sales via their Facebook page.
  11. Follow Your Heart offers a $1 coupon off any product of theirs through their website.
  12. Califia Farms (think: almond milk and iced coffee) offers a 10% off coupon with an email subscription to their newsletter.
  13. Pacific Foods requests your name and email address to download and print coupons from their website.
  14. Vega offers a 15% discount off your next order by subscribing to their newsletter of recipes and plant-based nutrition articles!
  15. Lenny and Larry’s offers 15% off your first order and free shipping over $55.
  16. Amy’s Kitchen sends out a monthly newsletter, full of coupons, recipes, and meal plans.
  17. Dream, which manufactures foods such as Almond Dream ice cream, offers up a 50 cents off coupon through Hopster.

Products I could not find coupons for:

Questions for you:

How do you manage eating vegan or a plant-based diet on a budget?

What are some of your favorite vegan companies/foods from the lists above?


  1. Jasmin (veeatcookbake) Jasmin (veeatcookbake) June 5, 2017

    Thank you for sharing. This will help us when we are living in the states in a few months.

  2. Nicole - Miss Sparkle Nicole - Miss Sparkle June 7, 2017

    Oh this is such a good list. My friend is vegan so I will share this one with her 🙂

    • Krista Krista Post author | June 7, 2017

      Thanks!! I know a couple of products such as Daiya have coupons attached to them when you purchase them, but because I live in the middle of nowhere and we’re just starting to see these products in local stores, I figured the internet was the easiest place to find them first! 🙂

  3. Amiee Amiee June 7, 2017

    Whoa thanks for the tips!! I am want to start eating more plant based!

    • Krista Krista Post author | June 28, 2017

      Of course!! It’s so easy to be vegan these days, whether you’re looking to eat totally plant-based or you’re looking for things on the go 🙂

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