Month: October 2016

Into Racing? Here’s What to Expect at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA

This weekend was action-packed. After heading up to a NASA racing event at Dominion Raceway  in Thornburg, VA for two days, I was exhausted, despite not having driven myself at all! We hadn’t been able to find a solid review of the on-site road course […]

Pumpkin Seeds, Mac & Cheese, and Getting Into the Halloween Spirit!

We’re getting into the spirit here in eastern North Carolina. Our town recently hosted a haunted historical home walk (say that five times fast), and pumpkins seem to be covering every spare inch of the city. Dave and I have decided to embrace the season […]

The Big 3-0

Gooooood morning, y’all! This Sunday was Dave’s birthday! While we didn’t have any big plans we still had a pretty busy day. For his birthday, I made a Mounds layer cake— three layers of chocolate cake, separated by coconut filling, enrobed in coconut buttercream, and […]

Jackfruit: A Quick How-To

On Saturday, we went to Raleigh for the Triangle VegFest. After sampling a vegan chocolate cupcake (literally the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten) and stopping by Tasty 8’s, where we picked up lunch– an all-beef creation for Dave and a veggie dog, the “tree […]

Quick & Easy Weekday Breakfast: Chia Seed Pudding

Good morning! I thought I’d start out the week with something I’m starting to really enjoy again: breakfast. Breakfast can be hard, because you want to stay full for the morning but also eat something that actually tastes good. On top of this, I love […]

5 Ways to Make Weekday Mornings More Bearable

Mornings are hard, especially at the beginning of the week after an awesome (or even uneventful!) weekend. Over the past year, I’ve been working on making my mornings a little less stressful, and wanted share some of my findings. Here are five ways I make […]

Small Town Life: 10 Things to Do This Weekend

It can seem daunting to find things to do when you’re living in a small town. Sure, you could do your normal workout, go out to eat, or maybe see a movie, but there has to be more than that! Dave and I are always […]

Fall Goal Setting

Fall Goal Setting

Every few months, I like to set goals for myself for the upcoming season; I’d like to think that occasional goal-setting helps to keep me on track to the bigger picture, you know? When setting my goals, I prefer to use the tried-and-true SMART goals […]

5 Podcasts To Listen To Now

5 Podcasts To Listen To Now

A while back, I started walking a couple of miles during my lunch hour to get out of the office. After burning through my music collection, I surrendered to the hipster stereotype placed on podcasts and decided to give them a shot. Podcasts are not […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Weather a Hurricane

Last weekend was a lazy weekend. Saturday was a quiet day of hanging around and watching Netflix, but on Sunday, we went to Busch Gardens for Octoberfest.